Mount Calvary Education Wing designed by Tessa Romanowski, Architect


It all begins with an idea... that is all it takes to get started.  All great projects have the same thing in common: they all originated with a vision for something better, a vision for something that would transform the way you live, work or play.
 At Studio 3 Architectural Design, we are architects and designers that have a passion for creating. We take the seed of an idea, and, through good communication with our clients and hard work, create something that is tangible, something buildable, something real.
 From commercial to residential, rural mountain settings to sunny coastal regions, we are architects who believe in adaptable, responsible design. We are dedicated to doing our part as good stewards of our environment as well as being true to the context and region in which we are designing. We are not akin to one particular architectural style, but encourage our clients and the landscapes that we are working within to determine the architectural expression that is appropriate to each project. That is what we are about.

Studio 3 Architectural Design is based in Wilmington, NC

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